Rosie Quilts

The story of the quilts so far... 
I was given a quilting book for christmas and from it I taught myself basic quilting techniques, which I first put into practice to make my sister a patchwork quilt for her birthday. 

The next two I made were shown as part of the Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival which runs alongside the Brighton Festival in May. Both of these quilts were created with the exhibition's title 'Sleepscapes' in mind, so I thought a lot about dreams, mapping and landscapes when creating them. 

The double quilt was priced at £350, and the single at £200. The front panel of the larger quilt was constructed entirely from recycled bed sheets, whilst I deconstructed my Grandma's 'Elephant Dress' for the smaller one.

I made the 'Meadow Quilt' below for my Grandparents on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding anniversary (hence the diamond shaped pieces), it gave me an opportunity to explore the idea of creating landscapes in a more literal way. I'm so glad that they like it.


Most recently I have started to dye my own fabrics as a way to experiment further with the quilting process, though I continue to be interested in aspects of landscape and natural motifs. My Dandelion Clock and Poppy quilts are both roughly single-bed sized and are priced at £200 each. 

Rosie x